The Q Hotel Group is a Seattle based management company of unique and distinctive, independent hotels. We are a collective of passionate hoteliers focused on having fun, creating an amazingly empowered team and assisting our owners to maximize the value of their assets. We focus on hotels of 50-150 rooms that are looking to provide an authentic, local experience. 


We don’t lock you into decades long management contracts, nor assess over the top management fees, after all, isn’t this a partnership? Taking a page from “cloud based businesses”, we have molded our services after their unique approach of less is more, keep costs down, upgrade as needed.

We have a decentralized management style with a hint of partially centralized support, guidance, direction, programs and systems. This approach allows the hotel team to remain empowered at the property level with respect to service + operations and lets them focus on Creating Truly Memorable Experience.

We provide nimble and efficient management by well-trained and motivated team members with small company responsiveness.

With years of experience in hospitality operations, from Pebble Beach to NYC, Las Vegas to Seattle, we work hard, we work smart, we work efficiently and we manage EVERY hotel as if we owned it, as if it was the only one! 

Our properties feature creative food & beverage programs, a community environment and memorable service, along with a unique location and service-enhancing technology.

We have a very unique approach to our management contracts and fees and would be happy to share that with you should you find yourself intrigued. That “flexible management contract” approach allows us to flex our fees and the length of our contract, we can even “upgrade” our services, as a properties needs flex.

Forget “lifestyle hotels” we manage EXPERIENCE HOTELS!



Remember the days when hotels were grand and service was grander, when no matter the size of the property you were welcomed with AUTHENTIC service, a heartwarming smile and a sincere greeting.

With the understanding of what once was and what is now missing, The Q Hotel Group will focus on the management of unique and distinctive, independent hotels, providing unparalleled service infused with local authenticity, care, warmth, empathy and creativity. Our dedication to a curated and authentic guest experience will include collaborative hospitality partnerships with local businesses that will contribute to the overall experience. 



Let’s be honest, great service starts with a great team, we like to call our team The Experience Creators!

To be successful you must have passion and genuine interest in the people on your team. We believe in embracing each team member’s individuality and unique character and the intended authenticity that imparts on our guests experience. 

We Truly believe in focusing on our staff first and our guests second. A happy and empowered team provides great experiences, great experiences in turn create happy guests, happy guests generate great revenue, great revenue creates happy owners! Now that’s a GREAT ROE (return on experience )!



With that experience focused mentality and an authentic service & location-focused environment, along with supportive technology, we will run an efficient, fun and profitable operation.

Through creative marketing and astute financial & operational controls, we will drive top line revenue and bottom line profit with a focus on delivering results. In order to allow for efficient management of our hotels while not burdening them with undue technology costs, we focus on using cost effective yet creative cloud based operating systems and the latest technologies to support our local General Manager’s.

We manage EVERY hotel as if we owned it, as if it was the only one, yet with the benefit that comes from a collection of hotels. This will allow us to eventually leverage our size for group savings.



Being the biggest and most luxurious hotel on the block is not always the key to financial success, being the biggest and most luxurious is not our aim. We simply want to be known as the only hotel "on the block" that creates the experience that we do!