Hotel Management Services

The Q Hotel Group provides hotel management services to unique and distinctive, independent hotels between 50-150 rooms.

Taking a page from “cloud based businesses”, we have molded our services after their unique approach of less is more, keep costs down, upgrade as needed.

We don’t lock you into decades long management contracts either.

We focus on strategic “in the cloud” partnerships that promote cost control and operating efficiencies for our properties.

Through creative marketing and financial & operational controls, we will drive top line revenue and bottom line profit with a focus on delivering results. We pay close attention and focus our efforts on marketing, revenue management and distribution, operational controls and financial reporting.

Our dedication to a curated and authentic guest experience will also include collaborative hospitality  partnerships with local businesses that will contribute to the overall authentic experience.

We have a decentralized management style with a hint of partially centralized support, guidance, direction, programs and systems. This approach allows the hotel team to remain empowered at the property level with respect to service + operations and lets them focus on Creating Truly Memorable Experience

In addition to our hospitality partners, our collective of nimble and efficient hospitality experts support all aspects of hotel operations, including:



  • Efficient management of a perishable inventory via creative revenue management measures

Food & Beverage  

  • Collaborative culinary partnerships that integrate into the hotel experience seamlessly 


  • Creative Spa partnerships that integrate into the hotel experience seamlessly, producing lots of ahhhhhhh!      

Retail/Gift Shop

  •  We focus on providing memories that allow our guests to "bring home their experience" or enhance their experience while staying with us, no useless tchotchkes sold

Sales + Marketing

  • Digital, print and social, relational, referral associations, soft brands 

Revenue Management   

  • Best of breed Revenue Management, web, OTA and direct booking channel management technologies

Event Planning

  • We focus on the whole experience and its impact on overall operational revenue 

Property Maintenance + Engineering

  • A strong focus on preventative maintenance in order to preserve the life of the asset and your property

Human Resources

  • It's all about our/your team of "experience creators". With a focus on reducing turnover and creating longevity, we empower all staff, at all levels to be involved with the operation and any decision that affects the guest experience. Using innovative in the cloud technology, we have streamlined the on-boarding and ongoing HR process in an effort to be more operational efficient 


  • Accurate payroll and time keeping, efficient management of AP/AR, Capex, cash management and reporting 


  • Efficient use of cloud based technologies in an effort to enhance the guest experience and streamline the operational experience


Development, Concept and Pre-Opening & Technical Services support is also available via our talented consulting team at Q Hospitality Management.